h a i t u s



This post isn’t really fashion related.
I love it here at D4D, but I’ve got to get my arse away from my PC, more importantly, away from SL. It sucks, because I’ve been on SL for what? 6 years now? It’s played a huge part in my life, as I’m sure it has for many of you reading this, and it’s not something that is easy to let go, but I have to. It will ruin my education if I don’t consciously delete SL from my PC/Mac and have the will power to stay away from SL for now. 
I’m sure I’ll come back, but for now, I have to concentrate on my education here in my RL. I have to stop relying on SL to keep me entertained, I have to stop relying on SL to keep me happy.
I have a very small handful of great friends in SL, and most of them, I have already met IRL and will probably see again this year, the rest have other means to contact me besides SL (if you don’t have any other means of talking to me, and you do want to continue to talk to me, just message me on flickr and we’ll figure it out.) So really, besides “fashion”, and my DJing (which I barely have time to do these days anyway), there is nothing else keeping me from leaving SL – besides me. 
You know, 90% of my time in SL is spent on my own, dressing, taking images or looking on flickr? I no longer go “exploring”, and personally believe that SL is way more fun as a noob. I spend hours on end, miss out on sleep and hurt my eyes, to do what? Stand and look at some pixels!? Unfortunately, as fun as it may be, staring at pixels, I cannot use that as a reason to keep logging in. I can’t keep spending my RL money on SL, and I can’t risk destroying my future in education for this. 
This is probably sounding a lot more dramatic than I wanted it to, but eh, I’ve been feeling emotionally drained recently, so <1 fucks given right now. 
I’ll keep an eye on flickr, and on here, I can’t go completely cold turkey! Hah. I’ll miss you guys, everybody who has made me who I am today, everybody who has welcomed me to D4D & LOTD, and I’ll miss goofin’ around in SL with my friends, but this has to be done. Love yas, take care.




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