Skin: Birdy – Delilah – Porclaine
Eyebrows: Buzzeri – Katie Brows
Lips: Buzzeri – Metallic Gloss – Obsidian
Eyeliner: Buzzeri – Royale Liner
Forehead Eye: Nox – Third Eye – Black
Teeth: Random Matter – Hellion Teeth
Arms: Utilizator – Mesh Body 2.0
Horns: Contraption – Ancient Adrethen Antlers [Unreleased]
Tattoo: Insanya – Danger Flower
Wings: Coco – Doll – Insect Wings
Piercings: Hod – Emanuel + KYO
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Talamasca Hair


Pants (inc. boots): Miamai – Orghe
Top: Shi – Daleth
Taped Guts: Sinistyle – Taped Guts
Gloves: Utilizator – Fingerless Gloves [Only for mesh avatar.]


Glasses: Contraption – Wainwright Glasses
Collar + Shoulder Pads: The Abyss – Bomber Jacket [No longer available.]
Harness/Chest: Leezu – Deklannche Top
Arm Strap: Cobrahive – Arm Strap
Belt #1: Blue Galaxy – Easy Mod Belt
Belt #2: Mandala – Saicho Belt
Suspenders: Shi – Unisex Suspenders – Black


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