Hello. It’s Beks. I’m going to save you all today, this blog won’t be a lengthy one, as I am in a rush and have to prepare for another University interview. So, here we go!



Skin: Birdy – Delilah – Porclaine
Eyes: Random Matter – Descent Eyes – Ghost
Lips: Buzzeri – Metallic Gloss – Obsidian
Brows: Buzzeri – Katie Brows
Liner: Buzzeri – Royale Liner
Ears: Trap – Ripped Ears
Horns: Trap & Blueprintz – Zana Crystal Horns
Legs: Coco – Doll – Corset Legs – Black
Hands: Neurolab – EV3 Android Hands
Hair: Lamb – Xtal – Ink


Top: Ison – Nova Tribe Jacket – Grey
Skirt: Happy Undead – Vinyl Skirt – Black
Boots: Miamai – Tinker Taylor Boots – Glare Assault


Crown: Contraption – Glaze Of Winter
Wings: Contraption – Junkyard Devil Wings – Gunmetal
Headpiece: Random Matter – Keelhauled – Head Chain – Black
Septum: Random Matter – Rasputina Septum – Black
Necklace: Random Matter – Creepy Crawler Necklace – Butterfly
Pauldrons: DA – Slayer Pauldron
Knee Guard: DL – Knee Guard

That’s all for now folks, in the meantime, here is your headshot;


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