Good evening you sexy beasts, and a Happy Valentines Day to you all. (Even if it is a silly excuse for a Holiday, it’s nice to share the love!)
Today’s blog features a few awesome goodies from an upcoming event (which starts tomorrow!) It also features some of my big loves at the moment, from Tableau Vivant + Contraption.
So, here we go! Firstly, some information on the upcoming event.

If you have a keen eye for unusual “alternative/gothic” style, then you’ll love this one. It is a Cursed Event ;- Futurewave, and runs from 15th Feburary – 23rd Feburary. It opens at 12, noon. I will post the LM tomorrow, after it has opened to the public, so watch this space. The event brings together lots of awesome creators, who have created items under the “futurewave” theme. Expect latex, rave, post apoc style etc clothing.
The creators involved in this event are:
22769, [ a.e.meth ], ::Aftershok::., AZE Jewelry Designs, ~*By Snow*~, Chaos, Panic & Disorder, !Chop Shop!, CMFF, [ContraptioN]DRBC, Elixir, .:ellabella:., GRAVESISD, Kera Kera, LnL Square, Miamai{NanTra} Poses, *paper moon*, Pink FuelPonka Designs , .:QyxWerk:., Rab Labs, Rook Poses, SAKIDE, ::Static::Stuck, Products, VRSION, Zibska, ZiSP. Yes, I’ve bolded the ones I am most excited about!
The event is sponsored by some more awesome people:
Beautiful Freak, Blue Falcon Industries, DRD, GALLACTIC, geek., Gothika, Meta Theodora, :{MV}:, Pin Me Down, Spyralle, Unsung. (Whee, I can’t wait to go and see all of the awesome stuffs tomorrow! : D)

As you can see, from above, this event is going to be awesome. So make sure to come back here tomorrow for an LM. Or feel free to pester me in SL for one – Ohmybeks Resident. I’ll be sure to pass one over after noon tomorrow!

Okay, now for todays look!

dancing inthefactory

Body;- Not that you can see much, if any of it >.>

Skin: Birdy – Delilah – Porclaine
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Horns: Contraption – Wrecked Horns (These haven’t been released yet, unfortunately, however they are amazing. A re-release of an old pair of horns. He meshed them up and made unbelievable textures as usual. They have broken versions too, like most of his horns. Awesome. I’m not sure when they’ll be released, but watch this space, and Faust’s Flickr.)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hill – Dreads Series (Unf, unf unf unf! I am so in love with this god damned hair, I can’t wait to see what will be next in the Dreads Series, seriously, an amazing job Marilyn + Aida.)

Accessories + Clothing ;-

Mask: Contraption – Roderick’s Gas Mask – Gunmetal (This was originally half price at Mens Dept in November, I am unsure as to whether it is available at the mainstore yet, but I’d go have a look if you don’t already have this mask, it’s fucking fantastic.)
Chest Piece/Lower Arms: Graves – Velocity (This is a Graves outfit from the event! It comes in 4 different colours – Grey, Clear, Red and Purple, and is quite wonderful, as usual, Jackie!)
Gun: Utilizator – M4A1 – Black
Hands: Neurolab – EV3 Android (Best arms on the grid, you all know this. If you don’t have them, go get them. Now. -_-)
Corset: Hello Spacegirl – Llia Corset – White (I tinted it a little to work better with the outfit.)
Pants: Miamai – Laka (Still my favourite SL pants to this day. They are just so sexy, dat ass!)
Boots: Miamai – Tinker Taylor Boots – Glare Assault (Another item from the Cursed event. These boots come in various colours, and damn. DAYUM. They are sexy. Perfect for any post apoc/military themed outfit. They’re rigged mesh too, and work very well with the Miamai pants *cheers*.)
Skirt: (Like I need to tell you where this is from? Hah) Happy Undead – Mini Skirt – Vinyl Black

Thats all for now folks! Until next time, I’ll be Dancing in the Factory.


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