Good day sexygents and ladyfreaks.
So, today was ridiculously busy for me – fun and productive, but busy. I didn’t think I’d have the energy to even come online, but when I received a lovely text from my wife asking what I was doing, and informing me that he was waiting online for me. Awwwww. I couldn’t help myself but sit at my computer and spend some lovely time with him. ❤
This is what happened…



Head: Utilizator – M3 Head
Skin: [Upper torso only] –Glam Affair –  Halloween Gift 2012?
Lower Body + Stomach: Utilizator – Mesh Body 2.0
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears – Short
Eyes: Dead Apples – Anime [I will warn you, to make any mesh eyes work with this face, involves a lot of modding, so I wouldn’t advise it unless you are very competent at modding things. It took me forever D;]
Hair: Exile – Stray – Colours Pack


Top: Villena – Crop Sweatshirt – Bambi [Quite difficult to fit with mesh bodies, hence why I have the SL default avatar for the upper torso.]
Shorts: Utilizator – Open Shorts [It is very difficult to make these shorts fit the default SL avatar as they are made especially for the mesh body.]
Boots: DRD – Post Apoc Nerd Stompers – Coal


Horns: Trap – Splintered Horns [Holymotherofgodtheseareamazing.]
Goggles: RO – Sandstorm – Pristine
Leg Pouch: DRD – Leg Pouch – Nerd Alert
Crown: Static – Pixel Halo

Thats all for tonight folks, in the meantime, enjoy some sabrepulseSabrepulse remind me of my teen years, and this song in particular really takes me back. I do love me some 8bit and chiptune ❤


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