SO Wizarding Faire is here and I could NOT BE HAPPIER.
I’m kind of in love and obsessed with anything Harry Potter so I just about cried when I found out I’d get to blog the faire.

This was a lot of fun,there are SO many amazingly talented designers involved here and I kind of mad with myself for not including more in this post, but they’ll definitely be involved in later posts.

So GO check the faire out and DEFINITELY check out the new castle over at Mischief Managed. I RP there so if you see me (on my alt – breakingsad) feel free to say hi!



Skin –  .B I R D Y. – Claire- Pure (@Wizarding Faire)

Hair – [monso] – Khaleesy (@Wizarding Faire)

Eyes – {D.A} – Drowned Blue

Makeup – {D.A} – Metallic Underliner

Lashes –  -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01

Hands – SLink –  Flat & Bag

Ears – MANDALA – Stretched Ears

Top – *Edelweiss* School-Line Tucked Shirts

Shorts – -tb- Paneled Shorts

Rings – Yummy -Boho Rings

Bracelet(s) – [tea.s] Geo Bracelet – Circle/Diamond

Bracelet #2 – Cute Poison – Lucky Star Bracelet – Silver

Necklace – .Olive. the Houses Pendent – Raven (@Wizarding Faire)

Book – [okkbye] Wizard Books – Advanced Potion Making (@Wizarding Faire)

Wand – [Stitched] – The Wand (@Wizarding Faire)

Cauldron – [Stitched] Black Handy Cauldron (@Wizarding Faire)

Toad – ::BB:: Wizarding Crucifix Toad (@Wizarding Faire)

Ravenclaw Banner – floorplan. hanging pennant (@Wizarding Faire)

Potions – :{Atomic}: Ingredient Jars (@Wizarding Faire)

Large Cauldrons (Not so visible after editing but I’m still gonna list them) – :{Atomic}: Cauldrons (@Wizarding Faire)


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