No songs. Just me.

So last Friday a company that shall remain nameless (Fios….assholes.) were digging in my front yard and ended up cutting the cable to my Comcast internet. Needless to say they tell me that they aren’t allowed to fix it so I have to call Comcrap, yell at them and finally get an appointment for them to come out..on Tuesday at 11.
So Tuesday gets here..and it’s 11…11:30…12 and no one has been here. So I call and they say that their guys are right outside my door fixing the problem. No they bleeding well aren’t.
So basically that entire night was me trying to tell them that, yes, I do know where I live, and they actually weren’t here. After yelling at them AGAIN, they agreed to come out today (Wednesday) and fix my shit. I now have teh internets again. Thank fuckin’ Jesus. >_>


Anyways, here’s a quick look I did literally hours before my internet was cut. I’m probably going to do a few posts today so work with me here!

Oh! Also, I’m going to try and be better about listing EVERYTHING that’s in the picture in the stylecard. I know a lot of the time I wear something so often that I forget to mention it.

♥ Nikohl



Skin – Izzie’s – Ivana Envy Skin – Pale

Hair – Eaters Coma – Hair 24 – Mauve

Eyes – {D.A} – Shattered – Atlantis

Teeth – [label mode] – Teeth w/Diastema

Lashes – [ glow ] Devilicious 00

Top – V.e. Shorty Tank – Kremlin

Pants – [R3] – Noah Jeans

Shoes – [whatever] CG Sneaker – Noir

Necklace #1 – [whatever] Chain Necklace – black

Necklace #2 – Cute Poison – Bitch Necklace

Tattoo – [BODY FACTORY] – Gift tattoo #001 (Group Gift – Free to join!)

Belly Piercing – ::RM:: Secret Riddle – Belly Button Piercing Set (Made by me. IM or NC for a copy – $25L)

Facial Piercing – ::RM:: Prey for Peace – Piercing (Made by me. IM or NC for a copy – $25L)

Hands – SLink –  Mesh Hands – Gesture


Skin – Essences – Wednesday II – MAGENTIC – Ivory (at The Dressing Room)

Hair – Eaters Coma – Hair 09 – Silver

Eyes – {D.A} Thunder – Grape

Teeth – [label mode] – Teeth w/Diastema

Lipstick – ::Modish:: Seane Lipstick – D-14

Lashes – [ glow ] Devilicious 00

Ears – [][]Trap[][] – Gelf Ears

Dress – :[P]:– Gambit – Funera

Shoes – [whatever] London – black

Necklace – Cute Poison – Envy Necklace – Black

Bracelet – :love always: spiked!

Ring – :::Sn@tch::: – Paragon Ring

Tattoo – -UtopiaH- Drops of Lace Tattoo

Facial Piercing – ::RM:: Prey for Peace – Piercing (Made by me. IM or NC for a copy – $25L)

Hands – SLink –  Mesh Hands – Gesture


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